Improving children's life quality by teaching social-emotional skills in a fun, playful way.

I've experienced many traumatic events in my childhood.

Those events weren't the main reason that I was suffering.

It was because I didn't know how to have self-compassion,

and I had no idea how to communicate and ask for help.

children Can

 learn soft skills that help them to have a happy childhood

Caregivers Can

Use fun activities with children to co-create a beautiful childhood for them.

Now, I have a beautiful, fulfilling life. I want to be a part of children's journey to find their awesome selves.



Sahar Shams, Co-founder 


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children's Letters  

“The HoOoOo Foundation has developed a wonderful app for kids that uses art therapy and games to help kids overcome the effects of childhood trauma.”

Rick Hanson, Ph.D. is a psychologist and New York Times best-selling author. His books include Hardwiring Happiness, Buddha's Brain and Just One Thing.


Children's Letters

About their "heart's flower" after using

"Meeka's Secret" application.


As an expressive arts educator, I know that the arts have the power to transform lives.

Our platforms help children grow in resilience and emotional intelligence.

They are an innovative and unique approach to healing and education.

Children can heal- even from the most devastating circumstances, and “Meeka’s Secret” allows us to reach out to children worldwide and offer hope, through story, games, art, and play.


Suzanne Darley, HoOoOo Co-founder, Director 

Ph.D., REACE, Expressive Art Educator 

Nicole Jafari, Psychologist, University Professor, Child, and Adolescent Studies

Meeka's Secret app is a breath of fresh air in opening the lines of communication on a very important topic, "Child Abuse". As an educator, I believe Meeka could help both child and parent to become aware, educated, and feel comfortable to open a dialogue about this crucial matter.

Meeka can be used as a preventive app or as a start to a road to recovery for children, who have been sexually abused. I recommend Meeka to all parents, to first examine its power of communication and storytelling on their own, and second to spend together with their child to watch and discuss as it unfolds. Meeka brings children and parents together. 


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