We are working on these projects because we do believe that we can change a child's life by Teaching them how to be mindful and playful through their lives. 

Are you interested in getting involved? Email us at contact@HoOoOo.org

Suzanne Darley  

HoOoOo Co-founder, Director 


Sahar Shams

HoOoOo Co-founder, CEO 

MFA, Visual Development 

Touria Mobin Javid 

Legal Adviser 

Juris Doctor (J.D.)

Rodrigo Teixeira 

 Writer and multicultural adviser 

PhD, Stanford University 

Dornaz Memarzia

HoOoOo, Fundraising Adviser 

MPA, Master of Public Administration 

Adel Farahmand 

Business and Marketing Officer 

BA, UC Berkeley

Naksit Nijsthorn 


MBA, Animation 

Nicole jafari, ED. D


Psychologist, University Professor, Child Studies

Jason Weesner 


Senior/Lead Game Designer